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May Newsletter

May Newsletter

Posted by Alliance Tattoo Supply on May 10th 2021

The wait is finally over… Lineage has now introduced their highly anticipated disposable tubes! Their new premium disposable tubes are made with the highest grade medical grade plastics, a tapered soft touch knurled grip for stability and comfort, a thick wall back stem to prevent flex and slipping in the tube vise, as well as a crystal clear tip to ensure better visibility throughout the tattoo.
Developed by Northern Ireland tattoo artists Tom Kerr & Darren Millar. With a wealth of industry knowledge spanning 20+ years, these guys knew they needed a better stencil product than was currently available. Stencil Honey is a vegan-friendly, long-lasting stencil gel solution for crispy and accurate stencil work. Whether you’re working with the finest details or the boldest lines, Stencil Honey can handle the job perfectly!
ATS Grid Destroyer Power Supply
  • Compact portable design
  • Constant run button
  • 10 turn Potentiometer
  • Easy to read LED voltmeter
  • Operating voltage 1.25v - 12v
  • Battery back-up estimated 10 hours at 4v
  • Built in house by tattooers for tattooers

*Every power supply comes with a 1 year repair/replacement warranty

Local Spotlight: Orrin Hurley

Thank you for making the header for this months' newsletter! You can find him over at Three Kings Tattoo in Brooklyn, New York and on social media @orrinhurley doing the most awesome japanese and illustrative neo-traditional tattoos.

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Alliance Tattoo Supply
Dettol is back in stock!

Dettol Topical Antiseptic liquid kills bacteria and provides expert protection against germs that can cause infection and illness.

Dettol is an excellent skin preparation antiseptic and can also be used as a stencil application solution.

Chroma is a non-acrylic traditional powder based formulation designed to run as fast or faster than any aqueous based acrylic tattoo ink. This ink has a substantial pigment load, works extremely fast, is very easy to blend, and heals bright. It does not dry in the cap and it does not clump up and become a hard acrylic rock at the bottom of the bottle.
Our mags have been designed and made to our specs with 316L medium taper #12 needles for maximum pigment saturation, reduced trauma and faster healing times for clients.

*Available in 13 and 15 curved mags
11, 13, and 15 straight mags

  • Inner membrane for fluid tension and no back flow
  • Stabilizer mechanism in every cartridge
  • Efficient cartridge removal and replacement
  • High quality single-use material construction
  • Sterilized and individually packaged
  • Compatible with all cartridge system grips and machines

Both on sale for $22 a box to make room for even more new items coming soon!