About Us

Fred Pinckard
Fred's obsession with tattooing began at a very young age after seeing the old military tattoos on his grandfathers forearm. The worn, yet readable, images solidified his fate and lifelong goal to become a tattooer. He set out on his path after finding an apprenticeship in Texas, where he learned to tattoo the old fashioned way, by making the tools he used on a daily basis. Now with 20+ years in the trade it's time to give back to the business that gave him everything. Alliance Tattoo Supply was created to do our part in keeping tattooing safe in the hands of tattooers.  

Josh Autrey
With a strong art background and an attraction to the craft of tattooing, Josh began tattooing professionally in 2003. Taught to make needles, pigment, and what constitutes a good tattoo from the beginning, Josh ended up in Richmond VA in 2009 and met Fred. The two eventually ended up working together at the award-winning Salvation Tattoo Gallery, and later co-founded  Alliance Tattoo Supply. His emphasis on experience, tradition, and quality align with the mission of Alliance Tattoo Supply - to bring you the best and nothing less.