November Newsletter

November Newsletter

Posted by Alliance Tattoo Supply on Oct 19th 2021

New t-shirts available on our Store Frontier page made by Brian Bruno, Gerald Feliciano, Timothy Hoyer, Daryl Rodriguez, John Setzer, and more...!
Richmond locals, for the entire month of November all tips that our
delivery driver Melanie
receives will be donated to the NATIFS. North American
Traditional Indigenous Food Systems is a nonprofit focused on Indigenous education
and food access founded by Sean Sherman and Dana Thompson. Learn more by
going to @natifs_org and linkt.ree/!
The art of the tattoo was used differently depending on the tribe, but it was considered a sacred and spiritual ritual across Native American society. Individuals were often marked with symbols of protection and guardian spirit emblems. Some groups even attributed tattoos with powers and applied them over broken bones and sore joints to promote healing. Many tribes used body modification to convey status, accomplishment, and identity. Even today it’s common practice for people of American Indian descent to have the individual art and symbols of their families and tribes memorialized on their bodies, just as their ancestors did. Tattoos were applied using sharpened bone, rock, or another whetted object. The skin was pricked, and the design scratched in. The carvings were filled with soot and other natural dyes—like crushed up berries, plants, and minerals—used as ink.

Local Spotlight: Daryl Rodriguez

Thank you for making the header for this months' newsletter! Daryl is the proud owner of Hold It Down Tattoo in Richmond, Virginia and you can find him on social media @daryl_rodriguez doing awesome snakes, tigers, and a little bit of everything in between.

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